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Stairway – Hallway

A tribute to the intellectuals of Epirus – The thinker

Sculptures – Portraits of villagers and friends

A tribute to the craftsman

The sinker

A mock-up of “The runners” (the original piece is in Chicago)

Figures made of the remains from the Polytechnic up-rise



As you go up the stairs to the first floor, you encounter in a niche a bronze sculpture entitled ‘Erotiko’. From the ceiling a plumb line and weight , as used by masons, is suspended. The slogan which appears over it has to do with the balances which we must observe in our life. All the surface of the I1 shape created by the stairs is filled with large figures of my latest sculptures, which are also made of cinders from the Polytechnic, my ghosts, as I say. Mythical figures, repellent, strange, more than life-size, transcendent, made from a variety of materials, they stand all together in a tragic dance.

As the visitor goes up to the first floor, he will see before him a large photograph of the multi-coloured polyester sculptures as they were exhibited at an earlier date at the Pierides Gallery. These sculptures too were something special in my work. They are a reference to multi-coloured ancient Greek sculpture. I placed only one sculpture from this series next to it.
On the left, there is a ‘thinker’ holding a book, and this is my reference to the intellectuals of Epirus. And there are many of them, very many, and so one cannot omit a reference – albeit a small one – to them. I wanted this work to be something special. And this is why it stands out from most of them. Thrown down on the floor is a second and larger plumb line weight, of metal this time. This and the other one represent the Epirot craftsman. It is in the background, in front of the information office of the Museum ‘s custodian . There today, where the teacher once lived with his family, is the office with the library and shop selling small-scale sculptures, posters, and catalogues, from which the visitor to the Museum can obtain information or which he can buy.