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The museum’s entrance

P. Ioannidis – Papachristou

G. Hatzikostas & Ε. Averof


The walnut

The dragon

1st display case & busts

2nd display case & busts


G. Pappas



As you enter now the main building, you will see on the left-hand side busts of the benefactor and patron of the school Nikolaos Mante­ lopoulos, then that of Th. Loulis, benefactor of all the Katsanochoria. A little before that, there is a monument to the other benefactor of the village, Ioannidis, of whom, unfortunately, we do not have a picture. For that reason there is something symbolic in remem­ brance.
In the two large showcases there are various sculptures and down at the bottom a series of busts: in the first, those of my teacher Yannis Pappas, of Nikos Engonopoulos , and of C. Frontzou. The second contains the busts of Athanasios Psalidas, Jean Monas, who origi­ nated from Plaisia , and the poet M. Augeri from Karitsa .

Opposite are the busts of Hatzicostas and of Evangelos Averoff. The other side of the wall is covered by the text about my work of Marina Lambraki-Plaka, professor of art history and Director of the National Gallery, which I regard as important and representative . It is illustrated with some of my better bronze sculptures.