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Classroom 1

Μικρογλυπτική Θ. Κολοκοτρώνης - Γ. Καραϊσκάκης

Classroom 2

Μάσκες Προθήκη - Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος

Classroom 3



Immediately on the left is the room of learning. It is the classroom. The dusty and piled up desks which I saw when I first entered the abandoned school gave me the idea. Some of these still had our names carved on them. Fine desks. We collected a few of them, smartened them up, and put them in a small room with the appropriate pupils and the teacher, the pupils ready to write with their pencils on slates what the teacher wrote for them on the blackboard . Desks, pupils, and teachers, all white, as if in a dream, a tran­ scendent scene which emerges from a dim, faded memory.

On the left in the room is a showcase containing 35 masks, coloured without paint, but with whitewashes and bleaches. Figures which are watching the lesson. This is the inspection by the community, which expects much of education! Among them are the benefactor of the school, a President of the Republic, Prime Ministers, intellectuals, simple, ordinary people. Above the showcase is an owl, a symbol of learning, and on the right in the corner, art work for large sculptures which I have produced, one of Karai:ska­ kis and one of Kolokotronis, symbolic figures of the Greek Revolution and heroes of our nation.